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Senate Legislation Committee 2005-06 Supplementary Budget Estimates Hearings

Senate Legislation Committee 2005-06 Supplementary Budget Estimates Hearings Key Issues Output: 3.1 CASUAL TIES OF TELSTRA (COT) Summary Prior to the passage of the Telstra sale legislation on 15 September 2005, Senator Joyce wrote … [Read more...]

Telstra, Potential Legal Issues

Mr David Lever Manager Consumer Section Telecommunications Competition and Consumer Through Jodi Ross, Principal Lawyer (Telecommunications) INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT OF THE COTS CASES AND OTHER DISPUTES At our meeting on 20 October, you … [Read more...]

The Assessment should not be on Merit

Murdoch, Wally From: Lever, David Sent: Wednesday, 19 October 2005 5:07 PM To: Bryant, Simon; Madsen, Andrew Cc: Murdoch, Wally Subject: RE: outstanding claims against telstra Yes, but I sent her the minute with letters attached, so she … [Read more...]

Significant risk for the Government

Ministerial dated M2005/1395 Key Points Senator Joyce has written to you seeking urgent advice on your proposed approach to the conduct of independent assessments of various claims against Telstra by customers or former customers or … [Read more...]

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systemic problem with Telstra’s complaint handling

  Dear Senator Joyce, Thank you for your letters of 5 and 6 October 2005 concerning outstanding claims against Telstra and Telstra's Local Presence Plan. I wrote to you in relation to both of these matters on 13 September and am now … [Read more...]

The Minister denies she is investigating the matter

From: Mooney, Paul Sent: Friday, 14 Octover 2005 5:15 PM To: Lever, David Cc: Thomas, Brenton; Desmond, Richard Subject: RE: Telstra Compensatory Commitments David I refer to your e-mail concerning the submission you are drafting to the … [Read more...]

Minister Coonan. Telstra Compensatory Commitments

Dear Minister Coonan, Telstra Compensatory Commitments Thank you for your letter dated 13th September in which you have agreed to appoint an independent assessor to review the status of all outstanding claims against Telstra and to provide a … [Read more...]