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DBCDE Minister Brief T3 undertaking

From: Buettel, Rohan Sent: Friday , 25 August 2006 116 PM To: Thomas, Brenton ; Holthuyzen, Fay ; Williams, Helen Cc: Anderson, Helen; Markus, Don Subject: COTS meeting 6 September [SEC=UNCLASSIFIEDj Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED For … [Read more...]

Letter from Barnaby Joyce to Helen Coonan

Dear Senator Coonan Thank you for your letter 4 August 2006. My commitments to assisting the Telstra claimants remain unchanged. I look forward to facilitating their meeting with you on 6 September 2006. My office will provide details of those … [Read more...]

Legal Advice required for Minister’s meeting with Barnaby Joyce

From: Anderson, Helen Sent: Thursday, 17 August 2006525 PM To: Markus, Don Cc: Buettel, Rohan; Cruttenden, Ian; Holthuyzen, Fay Subject: Briefing for Minister's meeting with various COTSĀ  [SEC=INCONFIDENCE:LEGAL] Security Classification: … [Read more...]

Telstra FOI: documents sought are associated with negotiations regarding the privatisation of Telstra

I have processed your request, under the Freedom of Information Act (th 1982) ("the Act), a s specified in your letter dated 28 July 2006. The Request Your request sought: 1 . all briefing notes (final and draft) and all emails provided to the … [Read more...]

Independent Assessment of claims against Telstra

Dear Senator Joyce independent assessment of claims against Telstra Thank you for your letter of 24 July regarding the independent assessment of claims against Telstra and a related meeting scheduled for next month. While I understand your … [Read more...]