Richard Oliver, First Assistant Secretary, Corporate and Business Division

The legal advice contained in documents 1, 2 and 5 was provided for the purposes of advising the Telecommunications Competition and Consumer Branch of the Department on the Department's independent assessment of claims against Telstra with respect to … [Read more...]

DCITA Freedom of Information Request

I refer to your letter to the Department dated 28 September 2010 in relation to Freedom of Information (FOI) request 07-0809. The Department has acted in accordance with the AAT's decision dated 13 July 2010, and does not accept that there is any … [Read more...]

Freedom of Information DBCDE Liz Forman

I, Elizabeth Forman, Assistant Secretary of the Indigenous Telecommunications Branch of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy ("the Department"), being authorised by the Secretary under subsection 23(1 ) of the … [Read more...]

Casualties Of Telstra (COT) Background and Information for Minister’s Office

Undated Report Casualties of Telstra (COT) Background and information for Minister's Office first approached AUSTEL in July 1992. Other complaints then followed. Most of the complaints had a history. History Included: court action, COT … [Read more...]

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Department of Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy Records Management Manual

3rd Edition of the Department's (DBCDE) Records Management Manual. It details records management policy and procedures to be used to support the Department's business objectives and ensure that we comply with our legislative responsibilities. The … [Read more...]