Claims against Telstra

Claims against Telstra Douglas Gration

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Dear Minister

Claims against Telstra

Thank you for your letter dated 18 December 2006. Mr Trujillo has requested that I respond on his behalf.

Over the years Telstra has devoted considerable senior management time, energy and resources to addressing these claims. While each claim is quite different, the claimants have been given ample opportunity to make their cases. They have also had access to a range of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms including, meetings with Telstra personnel, review by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. Arbitration, Senate and Commonwealth Ombudsman inquiries and in a number of cases review by the courts. In many cases arbitral awards or considerable settlement sums have been paid.
In Telstra’s view, the only way that the claimants will be able to obtain the finality they are seeking is to pursue their claims before the courts. The claimants’ should, however be aware that Telstra will avail itself fully of all defences available to it and will vigorously defend any proceedings which are issued.

Yours Sincerely

Douglas Gration


Douglas Gration

Douglas Gration – who has written posts on Bad Apples.


  1. Douglas Gration’s being very economical with the truth as usual.; as shown in the following:-
    1. Ample time to make a case? It was 4 yrs before Telstra would release documents under FOI for me; and
    10 years before they agreed to a meeting with me: and 11 years before the first mediation and then only
    with assistance from senators.

    And after their CRU manager made an offer insufficient even to pay my 11 year legal costs legal costs,
    did the famous Telstra “walk out” act; then before a senate later, claimed he was’nt even at the
    mediation (refer Hansard): which supports the C’Wlth Ombudsman’s comments in her formal complaint
    against Telstra viz ” Telstra’s poor treatment of customers’ FOI applications and persistently toying with
    the truth”.
    2. The only dispute resolution for the majority of complainants was the TIO ; a private company set up by
    the C’Wlth Govt of Australia the majority of Cots were in dispute with (from ’87-’99) and funded by the
    Carrier who was 100% owned by the CGOA. As one senator wrote: ” the way the govt has set up the TIO
    will delay your case”.
    Question: What is/was Douglas Gration’s relationship to the AAT ‘s President ?