DCITA Freedom of Information Request

DBCDE Freedom of Information AAT

DBCDE Freedom of Information AAT

I refer to your letter to the Department dated 28 September 2010 in relation to Freedom of Information (FOI) request 07-0809.

The Department has acted in accordance with the AAT’s decision dated 13 July 2010, and does not accept that there is any further requirement to provide you with additional information or documentation.

In particular, we note that:
1. In relation to paragraph b) of your letter, we have no obligation to provide you with an up-to-date schedule of documents, or any further information or documentation that is not covered by the AA T’ s decision.
2. In response to paragraph e) concerning the scope of the request, the Department reiterates the AAT’s decision on 13 July 2010 (at paragraph 23) that the documents identified in the Schedule dated 25 June 2009 “were ‘created as a result of the independent claims assessment scheme agreed to during investigations on the full privatisation of Telstra’ and that they fall within the scope of [your] FOI request”.
3. With respect to the missing paragraphs in documents 58 and 252, we note that after a series of searches for these documents, the copies provided to you were the most complete versions of documents 58 and 252 that could be located by officers of the Department. The missing paragraphs appear to arise from changes made to the documents in relation to previous FOI requests for those documents. Unfortunately, copies of the documents including these missing paragraphs could not be found in the possession of the Department. We note that no further deletions were made to the documents beyond those upheld by the AA T decision.

For these reasons, we regard your FOI application as finalised by the AA T’ s decision on this matter.


Yours sincerely

Andrea Hookway

FOI Officer | Client Engagement & FOI | Parliamentary, Governance & Coordination
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Email foi@dbcde.gov.au

Andrea Hookway – who has written posts on Bad Apples.