Difficult nature of honouring obligations

Barnaby Joyce Letter 2006

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Dear Senator Coonan

I would like to thank you for agreeing to a meeting with the customers and contractors who have sought my assistance with unresolved, and often long standing claims, against Telstra. I appreciate the assistance you have already provided and your offer to make a further round of direct representations to Telstra.

With regards to the meeting and further representations to Telstra discharging your commitment to me in relation to these matters, I seek no more and no less than that which was discussed, agreed and documented on the 13th September 2005.

To quote your letter, “I agree that there should be finality for all outstanding “CoT” cases and related disputes. I believe that the most effective way to deal with these is for me to appoint an independent assessor to review the status of all outstanding claims and to provide a basis for any sustainable claims that have not been resolved through earlier processes to negotiate a possible settlement with Telstra.”

The commitment appears to have morphed from an assessment of claims to an assessment af process. The assessment cannot be quarantined to process – it offers no hope. I have made a warrant to the claimants based upon that original commitment and, whilst I appreciate the sensitivities and difficult nature of honouring the obligations it entails, it is against that commitment we are both measured.

I would like to confirm our meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 6 September at 3:30pm and have booked committee Room S4 for the purpose.

Kind Regards

Senator Barnaby Joyce


Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce – who has written posts on Bad Apples.