Helen Coonan to Sol Trujillo on Claims against Telstra

Claims against Telstra

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Dear Mr Trujillo

Claims against Telstra

I am writing in relation to the assessment recently conducted by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts of claims against Telstra by former customers or contractors and of avenues that remain available to resolve these disputes.

The Department has provided me with its report on the assessment. I enclose the reports on each of the nine cases assessed and an overview of the assessment process and findings.

I am providing each claimant with the report on their particular case as well as the overview.

I would ask that Telstra keep the report confidential due to the sensitive nature of the issues assessed. I will be considering the report and following this I will make representations to Telstra on behalf of the participants at their request.

Thank you for the co-operation given to my Department by Telstra during the assessment process.

Yours Sincerely

Helen Coonan

Helen Coonan

Helen Coonan – who has written posts on Bad Apples.