Independent Assessment of claims against Telstra

independent assessment of claims against Telstra

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Dear Senator Joyce

independent assessment of claims against Telstra

Thank you for your letter of 24 July regarding the independent assessment of claims against Telstra and a related meeting scheduled for next month.

While I understand your position on the independent assessment, I remain of the view that the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) is an independent body to the various disputes between Telstra and each of the claimants. The Commonwealth has not been a party to the disputes and DCITA is able to provide a balanced and impartial assessment of these cases.

Furthermore, while I agree that these outstanding cases should be finalised, my commitment has been to facilitate a process that could assist to achieve that end. Whether or not it does will ultimately be up to the claimants and Telstra.

As to the meeting, I am willing to participate although I understand there could be up to 30 people ill attendance and all with different disputes and issues which will make it difficult to have a constructive meeting within a constrained timeframe.

I am also prepared to make a further round of direct representation to Telstra on behalf of those who attend the meeting regardless of whether they were involved in the Department’s assessment.

Although I appreciate you have a different interpretation of what constitutes an independent assessment,! repeat my intention that this meeting and subsequent representations to Telstra will finalise my involvement in relation to these matters.

Could you please confirm that the meeting can proceed which is currently scheduled for 6 September at 3.30pm in Canberra. If this date is not convenient for those concerned I am willing to arrange a mutually convenient time which can be arranged through my office.

Yours Sincerely

Helen Coonan


Helen Coonan

Helen Coonan – who has written posts on Bad Apples.