independent assessment

independent assessment

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From: Lever, David
Sent: Monday, 6 March 2006 3:21 PM
To: Holthuyzen, Fay; Thomas, Brenton
Cc: Forman, Liz; Vajrabukka, Nikki
Subject: independent assessment

Senator Joyce met the Minister. The office doesn’t know what was said or agreed but Joyce has since written to the Minister saying that he remained of the opinion that the Department cannot be seen as independent because it has been ‘involved with many of the claimants over many years’. He said he was disappointed as he thought the outcome doesn’t reflect the intent or spirit of the agreement of September last year. He reiterated his request for an external assessor.

The office (Jeremy Fields) said just now that the Minister would not want to move away from her decision but thought we needed to pursue the possibility of Commonwealth Ombudsman oversight. We are still waiting on the Ombudsman’s Office to get back on that we reminded them on Friday they may consider it has resource implications and are considering the proposal at the Ombudsman level. I raised with them the alternative option of oversight by the Department’s auditors.

—- has now put his hand up to have his case examined. He wrote to say he would like to travel to Canberra (from south eastern Vic) to bring all the evidence and sees the case as flawed but his last chance. We will draft a reply with a view to managing expectations.



David Lever

David Lever – who has written posts on Bad Apples.