Helen Coonan CoTs cases and related disputes

CoTs cases and related disputesDear Senator Coonan

CoTs cases and related disputes

I must remain with my commitment to the people involved with the CoTs cases. The commitment is representing their frustrations and finding a resolution to the issue.

The resolution to the issue, is referenced in your letter of 13th September 2005, where you state “I agree that there should be finality for all outstanding “COT” cases and related disputes. I believe that the most effective way to deal with these is for me to appoint an independent assessor to review the status of all outstanding claims”.

This agreement I believe is the only way a satisfactory resolution can be achieved.

I realise that my only influence is that of persuading you and I must endeavour to keep the door open on this issue.

Yours Sincerely

Senator Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce – who has written posts on Bad Apples.


  1. February 2012:
    Telstra continue to incorrectly advise the current Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy that the remaining Casualties of Telecom (CoTs) have been properly settled when records show this to be totally untrue as shown by the following:-
    1) In 1995 The PM agreed “the remaining Casualties of Telecom/Telstra (CoTs) should be properly
    2) And a meeting was arranged between Senator Len Harris (representing the CoTs) and Telstra CEO
    Ziggy Switowski in July ’95 for settlement of the CoTs cases. But when Senator Harris arrived for
    this meeting, Mr Switowski walked out announcing Telstra’s Board had called the meeting off.
    3) Then Senator Barnaby Joyce, familiar with and supporting the CoTs matters, wrote to Minister Coonan
    that if the Govt (the sole owners of Telecom/Telstra during the CoTs disputes) would’nt settle these cases
    directly, would the Govt consider the appointment of an Independent Loss Assessor (ILA) to properly
    settle my (these) claims.
    4) In return for his Vote the Minister Helen Coonan agreed in writing to Senator Joyce’s proposal
    5) If my case had already been properly settled, why did Minister Coonan and Senator Barnaby Joyce
    invite myself and other remaining CoTs to Parliament House in Canberra for the purpose of discussing
    the appointment of an Independent Loss Assesor to properly settle my case?
    6) And in this ‘Bad Apples’ website it is seen that Simon Bryant and David Lever claim CoTs disputes
    do not come under Govt jurisdiction because Telstra is a privately owned corporation.

    What utter rubbish!! The Commonwealth Government of Australia were the SOLE owners of Telecom/
    Telstra during the Casualties of Telecom (CoTs) disputes! : and only 5 of the 21 were settled in the run-up
    to the T3 Sale. The remainder of us left to fight on unassisted, as we continue to do.
    END-NOTE: And nowhere in the T3 Prospectus did it disclose the remaining CoTs as legal liabilities.