Risks of consequences of different approaches to assessment

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From: Lever, David
Sent: Wednesday, 9 November 20055:40 PM
To: Holthuyzen, Fay; Bryant, Simon
Subject: cots minute

Matt Stafford just called me to say that the Minister has asked him for advice on where we are with the COTs/independent assessment process.

He asked for some dot points he can use in an adviser’s note for her setting out where we are, what we are thinking and when we expect to be able to provide advice. He asked for this by tomorrow morning.

I told him that the minute had been delayed because we were reconsidering our previous recommendation that ACMA conduct the assessment.

Do you want me to prepare some dot points setting out our plans re tightly constrained terms of reference and a Departmental consultant, with an undertaking to provide more detailed advice in a minute sent by the end of the week, or try to persuade Matt to wait for the minute, with no dot paints? Or neither?


From: Bryant, Simon
Sent: Wednesday, 9 November 2005 5:42 PM
To: Lever, David
Subject: RE: cots minute

Dot points on the timing of our minute and the key issues we will address. Risks of consequences of different approaches to assessment, assessment of best option for independent assessor, and recommended way forward on both fronts. Minute by end of week.


From: Stafford, Matt (Sen H. Coonan)
Sent: Thursday, 10 November 2005 9:08 AM
To: Lever, David
Subject: COTs

Rather than providing tps (totally pointless shit [sic]) on COTs, just focus on finalising the Minute for the Minister. If we could get the Minute up here asap (today would be ideal – but if not, tomorrow) that would be good.



From: Lever, David
Sent: Thursday, 10 November 2005 9:17 AM
To: Davies, Joshua; Murdoch, Wally
Subject: FW: cots minute

Another for file plse Wal – given the problems with this issue, could you make sure all material goes on file – the Secretary was strong on this yesterday.

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