Legal Advice required for Minister’s meeting with Barnaby Joyce

From: Anderson, Helen Sent: Thursday, 17 August 2006525 PM To: Markus, Don Cc: Buettel, Rohan; Cruttenden, Ian; Holthuyzen, Fay Subject: Briefing for Minister's meeting with various COTSĀ  [SEC=INCONFIDENCE:LEGAL] Security Classification: … [Read more...]

Telstra Corporation Limited/Action Plan – Assessment of Claims Against Telstra

Vajrabukka, Nikki From: Vajrabukka, Nikki Sent: Thursday, 16 February 2006 3:49 PM To: Holthuyzen, Fay; Thomas, Brenton; Bryant, Simon Cc: Lever, David Subject: Action Plan Independent Assessment of Claims Against Telstra Attachments: … [Read more...]