Telstra Corporation Limited/Action Plan – Assessment of Claims Against Telstra

Vajrabukka, Nikki From: Vajrabukka, Nikki Sent: Thursday, 16 February 2006 3:49 PM To: Holthuyzen, Fay; Thomas, Brenton; Bryant, Simon Cc: Lever, David Subject: Action Plan Independent Assessment of Claims Against Telstra Attachments: … [Read more...]

Restrict coverage to the COTs. All have reached settlements

Internal email from David Lever dated 29 September 2005 Davies, Joshua From: Lever, David Sent: Thursday, 29 September 2005 4:59 PM To: Madsen, Andrew; Bryant, Simon; Holthuyzen, Fay Cc: Vajrabukka, Nikki; Davies, Joshua Subject: cots - … [Read more...]

Telstra Lobbyist and DBCDE Managers email discussion

Email discussion between David Lever, Andrew Madsen and Athol Chalmer's From: Lever, David <David> To: Chalmers, Athol F <> CC : Vajrabukka, Nikki ; Davies, Joshua Sent: Wed Sep 28 … [Read more...]

Meeting at Minister’s Office with DBCDE and Telstra

Email discussion between Departmental officers expressing their concerns and comments about a meeting with Telstra in the Minister's Office. From: Lever, David Sent: Wednesday, 28 September 2005 5:17 AM To: Davies, Joshua; Vajrabukka, Nikki; … [Read more...]