FOI request – clarification of scope of request

Dear Mr ---- I am writing in relation to your letter to the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) of 28 April 2006 requesting access to various documents under the FOI Act. I am writing now to clarify further the … [Read more...]

Process agreed to by the Minister: Endeavour Foundation

Thank you for your letter of 20 January 2006, concerning the process for the independent assessment of claims against Telstra. The process described by Mr Simon Bryant in his letter to you of 22 December 2005 that is, for this Department to … [Read more...]

Endeavour Foundation has an unresolved claim against Telstra

Dear Sir Independent Assessment of Claims Against Telstra We refer to your letter of 22 December 2005. Endeavour Foundation  has an unresolved claim against Telstra, and intends to pursue the matter until fair compensation is … [Read more...]

ACCC has looked at some of Telstra’s bills ‘way out’ he said

To: Katie Nemes@ParlSec@MINISTER From: Kristina Vaughan@CCB@TID Cc: Subject: Mr Mullen Attachment: Date: 3/08/1999 11:27 Katie I just had a call from the ACCC which is looking into this case. The person from the ACCC said that it was … [Read more...]